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Read on at your own risk. Flames will be cheerfully sent back... well, at least I know some of you actually read this. ^.~ Anyway ...

The following isn't really meant to be anything but to drag myself out of boredom and to express my thoughts ... and some of others too. First, I want to make myself clear. I have nothing, absolutely NOTHING against homosexuality no matter in real life or anime-wise. It's fine by me. However, when it comes to anime, the only type of homosexuality I will go with is that it's SAID in the anime. No, not HINTED as some of you like to put it and I will not go for 'proofs'. It's also fine if the authors say so.

When it comes to fans ... it really depends if they manage to convince me. Well... so far ... none of them have. And definately not the "Kurama and Hiei" ones. (don't even ASK about "Kurama and Karasu". -_-;) Some of them do get me thinking. But some of them, no offence to those who wrote them or live by them, are just ... stupid. "Because they always show up together." Puh-lease. Yuusuke and Kuwabara showed up together at the beginning of the show! They're gay! Then I'd like to see a mad Keiko killing you for it and a Kuwabara running around claiming that Yukina-chan is his only love.

Anyway, this 'project' or 'list' is just a collection of ideas along with my ramblings to mostly why "Kurama and Hiei Do Not Go" and why "Kurama is Not Necessarily Gay". While some of these are mine, some do belong to my friend who supports me. Want to join us? Email me! If you don't? Then that's perfectly fine. Hate me for it? Go ahead ... I have nothing to lose anyway. I'll just be kind of sad to see someone SO angry over something which isn't exactly a 'matter of life and death'. Anyway, let's start.

Why Kurama And Hiei Do Not Go

I might be wrong, but honestly, I don't think I've seen something like THIS being posted up. Some of those 'KxH" proofs really crack me up. I'm not saying their authors and supporters are stupid or what but ... boy, I admire your imagination. And please, don't misunderstand, it wasn't meant to be said in a sarcastic way. I really do.

First off .... because they always show up together. I think I explained myself clearly up THERE, hm? C'mon ... tell me you don't see Botan and Yuusuke come and go together. Then they're in love? Kurama and Kuwabara... obviously, among the four, Kuwabara and Kurama happen to be one of the closest friends. So they're gay? K x K? Gee. What about the whole gang, Yuusuke, Kuwabara, Kurama and Hiei. They spend a lot of time together .. then what are they? All gay and head over heels over each other? A love square? Puh-lease. Learn something called "friendship". Two girls going out together all the time doesn't mean they're lesbians. That applies to males too, you know.

Here's one I love. "Hiei seems to be a cold bastard, even to Kurama. But that's because he's hiding his feelings for Kurama only." *cackles* ... *coughs* I'm sorry .... but ... hiding his feelings, right? Then Hiei's madly in love with Kuwabara!!! C'mon, Hiei makes fun of Kuwabara whenever he has the chance to and if he's really hiding his feelings -that way- ... then... oh my, the KxH might turn out to be Kuwabara x Hiei! And I swear Yuusuke's got a thing for Kuwa too! Or maybe it's the other way around since Kuwa wants to beat up Yuusuke all the time!

Also, some have noted that Hiei's slightly nicer to Kurama, always praising him and stuff. Hm... Kurama's nice to everyone ... so he's in love with everyone? Kura-chan's awfully nice to his mother ... he's in love with his mother?! *gags and dies* Besides, I do suppose Hiei treats Yuusuke in the same way he treats Kurama. Why? They're in love too!! No seriously ... Yuusuke's powerful, Hiei knows it. I don't suppose I have to say anything about Kurama. Hiei treats Kurama with SOME respect because the redhead deserves it, so does Yuusuke. Kuwabara... well, we know he's meant to be the big baka of the series so.... enough said. So basically, Hiei's just treating Kurama the way he deserves to be treated. And the fact that Hiei KNOWS that Kurama is much stronger than him. It was said in the anime, trust me. Then there's Yukina. Hiei cares for her sooooo much. This shows that he isn't the cold bastard he seems to be. He's just misunderstood and misguided. Then.... should we say they're incest? I hope not. *turns green*

Oh... there's more to the teasing. "Kurama loves to tease Hiei ... you love to tease the person you love." ... Oh no, I'll have to bring up the 'love square' again! Yuusuke teases Kuwa all the time, and vice versa. Yuusuke makes fun of Hiei (Especially about Yukina), Hiei makes of Kuwabara.... even Koenma and the girls of YYH do that.

So if "they always show up together", "He's just hiding his feelings" , "He's especially nice to Kurama" , etc mean that Hiei and Kurama are in love with each other .... then .... EVERYONE IN YYH IS IN LOVE WITH KUWABARA!!!! Oh no! Yuusuke, Hiei, Kurama and the rest are all gonna fight over him!! Run, Kuwa-chan, RUN!!

Okay, come back now... we got a little carried away again...

Kurama has no interest in girls. Hm? What? He doesn't? You haven't been reading your manga then, dear. In Vol 7, at the end, there's a side story called "Two Shots" about Kurama and Hiei's meeting. OBVIOUSLY there, Kurama had a little ... fan. ^.~ A girl called Maya had a big crush on him. Was it both ways? .... YES IT WAS! Let me quote:

Maya: Wow, I knew you were somewhat special when I first met you .... Ohh, I always loved things related to supernatural stuff.... so that's why I've always wanted to meet people with that kind of power ..... But ... this is so dramatic ... it actually turns out to be my first crush...
Kurama (Young Shuuichi): *blinks* ...
Maya: *blush* .... You really didn't notice...
Kurama: Er... I told you ... you better get home soon.
Maya: You still haven't answered me! .... You can be honest with me ... I'm prepared.
Kurama: .... I'm sorry. (... can't say it. I can't tell her what I feel because it'd get her in trouble...)
Maya: *insert really sad look* Alright, I understand ... I'll go home...

Sad... but ... See? ^.~
Then you say... SO WHAT?! That was like a whole YEAR ago before he met Yuusuke! Oh please, does Kurama look like the kinda guy who'd go "WOOOO!!! PRETTY BABEEEEH!" in public? I think not. So what if he looks like a girl sometimes? It doesn't mean he IS one or would act like one. He's just as manly as Yuusuke and the gang. ^-^

Well, I guess that's it for the time being. I'll be adding more later ... because I'm sure I can think of more. ^.~ Anyone willing to support me and give me reasons, please email me. Else... just ... take your leave. =P