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Fics and stuff from all around. ^-^ I almost didn't open this page ... well... I'm just a big Baka! For one thing, I don't really read a lot of fics (songfics are an exception) so I don't 'collect' them. But a fan sent me one some time back, I almost forgot about it ... and while cleaning up my Yahoo! Mailbox a few weeks ago, I found it! Oooh, I'm such a big baka, ne? @.@; Anyway, it's up now and ... hopefully, more soon! ^-^;;


:: Black Roses Inside
by Felicity

:: To See You Smile
by Leah BlacK

:: My Dream
by Diane Gingitsune

:: Tainted Rose


:: How Kurama Got on the Underworld's Most Wanted List Part One
Stephanie (aka DragonQueen)

:: In A Disused Graveyard
by Kat (AKA K. Firefly)