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Below are Kurama/Kurama-related goods that you can get out there ... uhm ... somehow. Not a lot at the moment because a) I don't have a scanner, b) I CAN'T FIND MOST OF THE GOODS!!!!! ARGH! I hate reason b). :P They're making a few new ones tho... Yay! :D
Anyway, enjoy! ^-^ More coming soon!


Yu Yu Hakusho DVD Complete Series Box Setsand Complete "Bucket"
Complete Series Complete Bucket

Complete Box Set Prices: (DVD Box Set 1 - Ep 1 - Ep 40) 48,000yen, (DVD Box Set 2 - Ep 41 - 76) 43,200yen, (DVD Box Set 3 - Ep77 - Ep112 ) 43,200yen
Complete Bucket Price: 134,000yen (sold out!!)

Please click the images above for the pictures of what's included.

Included in the "Bucket":
Designed metal bucket
Complete series of DVDs in specially designed DVD jackets and DVD covers
28 postcards (of the DVD jackets, I believe)
3 Special Booklets (each 20 pages)

Included in Box Sets of Complete DVD Series:
B2-sized poster (Different for all 3 box sets)
Complete series of DVDs in specially designed DVD jackets and DVD covers
For Box Set 1 only: 28 postcards (of the DVD jackets, I believe), Special Booklet

Japanese Site Link, with complete information and more YYH goods!!:

Yu Yu Hakusho Favorite Edition Box

Release Dates: (set) Dec 15 2004, (individual DVDs, and for rental) Jan 19 2005
Prices: (set) 12,600yen, (episode DVDs) 3,360yen, (opening/ending encyclopedia) 2,520yen
Limite edition comes with a YYH 2005 desktop calendar!

The set includes 4DVDs, which are actually the set of "Eizou Hakusho" - Music Video collections, special interviews and the omake "Yu(me) Yu(me) Hakusho". Titles include:
Yu Yu Hakusho Eizou Hakusho ~ Ankoku Tournament ~ (53mins)
Yu Yu Hakusho Eizou Hakusho ~ Yusuke's Ep and Kurama's Ep ~ (43 mins)
Yu Yu Hakusho Eizou Hakusho ~ Hiei's Ep and Kuwabara's Ep ~ (41 mins)
Yu Yu Hakusho Opening/Ending Excyclopedia (21 mins)


Yu Yu Hakusho FOREVER [PS2 Game]

PS2 Game Price: 7140yen
Guide Book Price: 1200yen

Ana's Review:
Oh yes, another PS2 game! This time, it's made by BanPresto, a Japanese company!
It's another fighting game, a 3D fighter I suppose... 1 to 2 players.
To be quite honest.... I'm not so pleased with the art and the controls at all. Well, yes, they have original voices, which is cool, but I think they could have put more effort on the graphics and stuff. Ah well. What am I asking for? If i remember right, this is a remake of the old YYH Forever game .... so.... ah well. :P

TV Commercial 1
TV Commercial 2
TV Commercial 3
Event Movie

Official Homepage (Japanese):


2005 Drama CD2

Release Date: March 25 2005
Pre-order Date: Feb. 14 2005
Price: 2940yen

OMG! 2nd Drama CD!! :DDD Nothing much is said in the official homepage besides that it features the original seiyuus, and the Yusuke gang will gather together again for another 4 episodes of action!
I have yet to get my hands on the drama CD, so stay tuned! :D

Official Homepage (Japanese):


2004 Drama CD 1

Publisher: Shueisha
Release date: Dec. 10 2004
Price: 2940yen (2800yen + tax)
Track 1: The 3 Youkai
Track 2: Bond
Track 3: Man of the Jagan
Track 4: Contact
Track 5: Fight Together

I'm not entire certain if YYH has had any drama CDs before, although one of its albums featured the characters (Yusuke, Botan, Koenma, etc) doing something like a radio show and introducing the character songs.

Anyhow, this one is definitely a drama CD, once again having the original seiyuu (Voice Actors) doing their own characters and their job! (Thus, Ogata Megumi-sama doing Kurama once again! ^_^).

One thing to note that .... they're gonna include a 'voiced' version of Two Shots! (Two Shots: The extra story of Kurama and Hiei's first meeting, and of course, the much debated relationship between Maya and Kurama!)

Special release includes a pencilboard! :D

Teaser piccies here:

Box cover + Pencilboard (showing 1 side)

The entire set:

1 CD,
1 booklet (the one with Yuusuke and Keiko),
1 pencilboard (showing the Two Shots side),
1 comments card + lucky draw card that might win you a signed sheet from the 4 seiyuu! (the white thing)
1 ad flyer for the next Drama CD! :DD

Official homepage (Japanese):


Yu Yu Hakusho Kansenban ('Complete Version')

Well, well, well! After the original release of the YYH manga, numerous reprints, they're releasing the manga again!
Yet, this time, with totally different covers and organization, but the same stories, of course.
The new Kansenban (Complete Version) will have 15 volumes total, 2 volumes released every month. (Vol 1, 2 have been released in August 2004, Vol 3, 4 released Sept 3, 2004).

The 3 Big Points of Yu Yu Hakusho Kanzenban! (as said on cover strip):
1. All colour covers will be done by Togashi Yoshihiro!
2. Illustrations at the beginning of each volume done by Togashi Yoshihiro!
3. A few pages of coloured versions of the original manga!

Some information on the volumes:
980yen each
Vol. 1 - Cover: Yusuke. Covers the manga from the beginning to Act 10 of the manga (beginning of Vol.2 of the original release)
Vol. 2 - Cover: Kurama. Act 11 - Act 22, where Kurama saves his mother from death almost at the expense of his own life. (middle of Vol. 3 of the original release)
Vol. 3 - Cover: Kuwabara. (more info later)
Vol. 4 - Cover: Hiei. (more info later)
Vol. 5 - Cover: Botan. (more info later)
Vol. 6 - Cover: Hiei & Yukina. (more info later)
Vol. 7 - Cover: Yusuke & Kuwabara. (more info later)
Vol. 8 - Cover: The Toguro Brothers. (more info later)
Vol. 9 - Cover: Koenma (adult and baby). (more info later)
Vol. 10 - Cover: Youko Kurama & Shuuichi Kurama . (more info later)
Vol. 11 - Cover: Kurama & Hiei. (more info later)
Vol. 12 - Cover: Genkai (old & young). (more info later)

Official homepage (Japanese):


Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament (PS2 game)

Yosh! ^_^ YYH on the PS2! This is probably old news already by the time I put this up, but hey, I just had to! ^_^ Having looked at the screens and the official trailer, it doesn't look VERY appealing (sadly), but that won't stop me from getting it and giving it a shot!

Release date: Sept 21 2004
Genre: Fighting/Action
Publisher: Atari
Developer: Digital Fiction

Official Trailer: Download .mov file here (8.53MB)!
Information @ Gamespot (English):


Trading Cards
trading cards! i'll get individual ones scanned soon, but now... look at the boxes! ^^;; They currently have 3 NEW collections out (as opposed to the ones released in 1993...) that were made in 1999, 2000 and 2001.
images from Animate

Part 2

Part 3 mini ad poster

Laminated Cards
These are small, laminated cards about the size of a credit card.
images from

images from Animate

showing the front side only. ^^;

smaller pictures from Q-Unicorn, but showing both sides

Plushies/Stuffed toys
image from Q-Unicorn