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Author: CoKho (updated)
Kurama Love Wallpaper - Kurama and ... well... XD It's a Valentine's lovey dovey wall! So pretty! CoKho-san can SO draw! :D

Author: Ren-Okye
Best Friends Forever - Youko Kurama and Kuronue
Old Friends, New Friends - The people around Kurama in the past and present
Yoko & Kurama - Youko Kurama and Shuuichi
Yoko w/ Roses - A Youko Kurama wallpaper with roses in the background.

Author: Ana
Graffiti - Youko Kurama and Shuuichi-Kurama against a wall, with a graffiti art of ""

Author: Rai Sheba
wallpaper03 - "kids aren't alright" ... the YYH gang, fairly "sad" collage
wallpaper04 - a Youko Kurama
wallpaper05 - another lovely Youko Kurama wallpaper *_*

Author: Flame
wallpaper01 - a Youko Kurama and Shuuichi wallpaper!
wallpaper02 - the YYH gang! in their youkai forms too. ^.~