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Autumn Leaves

OK, OK, I know ... it's not autumn, it's not even NEAR autumn! Haha. But this is an old pic that I did in December that I haven't put up ... for some reason. Another pic done with OC. I really love the program now. ^_^ Hehe. Hope you guys like the piccy too. I'm quite pleased with it, except the eye color. I could've done better.


60,000+ hits!


60,000+ hits! Thank you all! ^_^ This pic was taken at Tiu's place when she was making dolls for Comics World 19! ^_^ Aren't they cute?! :D It seems Kurama's returned home to visit his relatives. XD Haha!


Be My Valentine ... 2005


Happy Valentine's Day! :D .... Quick fanart I did of Kurama and a ... rose. o_o; Yes, that's a rose. @_@; *LOL* I tried, I really did.....


2005 New Year


A quick piccy I did for new year 2005! ^_^ .... I'm not all pleased with how Kurama looks, but I like the ... well.. other stuff. I hope it really looks like he's writing on the cold window... ^^;;




Just a random piece of fanart I did of Kurama. Probably because it's summer ... (and I failed to see the sun when we were at the beach, let alone any cute guys XD) ... Yeah, if you were wondering, he's likely to be at the beach and playing with water with the YYH gang or something. ^^; So! Once again done on OC (Open Canvas) with the water droplets done on Photoshop. Damn, you have to love those 2 programs!


50,000 hits pic!


50,000hits, 50,000 visitors to koori no bara ~! Thank you all for your support! ^_^ I feel so loved. So this is the thank you pic I did. I'm pretty satisfied with how this pic turned out, and well, I'm sure Kurama probably writes better than THAT, but... yeah. ^^;;;;


Mirror - Shuuichi


The "mirror" of the below. OK, they're looking in the same direction, so it's not really a physical reflection, but you know what i mean. :P I like this one more than the Youko one actually, the black came out nicer. Yeah, I'll never know how to shade. :P
I have a wallpaper in the Desktop Goodies section which perhaps does the "mirror" concept more justice. :P


Mirror - Youko


I was planning to do a mirror pic, well, it didn't turn out really "mirror", but I tried. :P Basically, we have a Youko Kurama and a Shuuichi-Kurama in similar poses. ^^;;;


YK.COM 4th Birthday!


A quick sketch on the compy I did in order to celebrate the 4th Bday of koori no bara -! Wow, to think it's been 4 years since I've opened the site! I feel so proud! (tho, I'm still a lazy LAZY webmistress! ~_~;)


What would he be like if ......?


The last time I drew was for the anniversary pic?! Wow! ^^; Anyway, this pic was inspired when I got hooked onto Hikaru no Go. Sai is just SO kawaii ne!!! >O< Kinda wondered what Kurama would look like in an oufit like that ... thus.... this. ^^;;


Happy 2nd Birthday,


Wow... after like... ages, I finally produce a decent pic to put up here. ^_^ (I can't have Lady Danchou hog all the space! Mwahahah!!
Anyway, this is the 2nd anniversary celebration pic! I wasn't especially creative, as you can see, but I love Chibi Kura-chan's look. Awww. ^_^




Ah... Merry Christmas, everyone! ^-^ I would love to see Chibi Kura-chan bring me my X'mas present!
This is by far my favourite pic up till now. I'm pretty happy with the colours and stuff. :) For once... @.@;


Dinner, anyone?

A pic that I drew for Kurama and Hiei: It's Not Love. It's rather true that there's very very few Kurama and Hiei fanart out there that doesn't include yaoi in it. So I decided to draw something that doesn't! MWAHAHHA! Anyway... if you're wondering what the heck is going on... I don't know. :P I just thought... well... cooking's fun... Hiei-chan can make a good fire.. and vegetables are plants, ne? ^-^ They make a good pair, but not a good yaoi pair!
Oh... and yes, I can't draw pots and pans and fires. ^^;;


Happy Birthday!


Yes, another fanart! This is the First Anniversary celebration picture. ^-^ Aren't they cute in aprons? But ... I wonder if we really can eat that cake... o.o; Yes, it's a cake. ^^; But see, I can't draw anything besides... people. Anime people to boot. x.x;


Spring's Breeze

About time I drew something new. ^^; It's spring! And yes, this is the picture I used for the Index page. I wanted to do rose petals, but well... I dunno, Sakura petals look nice too, ne? *laughs*


Frosty the snow ---?

Chibi Youko-chan and Chibi Kura-chan (do NOT ask why they're two different people here. o.o) building their snowman! Or ... snowfox ... Also the 2000 Winter edition+1000 hits pic! ^-^

Rest, my dear, Rest

My first 'colored' Kurama picture. ^-^ Well... I've been told that people would get sleepy just by looking at this picture... *grins* Let's see what happens to you, ne? ^-^ *sigh* Guess I loved that ... what do you call it... smudged look? Blurry? Teehee. ^.~ I didn't even bother to line it. :P


Kurama Sketch

An 'unfinished' Kurama pic. Well, I thought of coloring it... but I got lazy so I thought I'd put the sketch up first. I didn't even line it yet! Obviously I got real lazy with the hair too. ^^;; Let's see if I'll actually color it later.


Chibi Kura-chan and a WHAT?

Oops. ^-^; Long title. But here we are, Chibi Kura-chan with a walking celery! Celery monster! @.@; Long story ....